Chocolate Overload

IMG_2038A Delicious and Easy to Eake Chocolate Cake.

Start by making a box chocolate cake.

Once the cake is baked let it cool and freeze the cake for 1 hour.

Start by icing the centre of the cake (icing flavour of your choice).

Drop a glob of the icing on the top of the cake the quicker you spread the less the cake crumbles. To get the grass effect use a fork and press up and down on the icing to create the texture.

Now with the icing that you pit around the edge press on the Kit Kat bars around break them into individual sticks for easier movement around the cake.

Once you have added all the  Kit Kats around tie a ribbon around them to hold them in place and its just look super cute.

Add your choice of topping; I went with eggs for Easter theme you can add strawberries or even fill the top with Smarties! 

Get Creative and enjoy that master piece!!!