Beauty Haul Review

Ren: Evercalm Day Cream & Nest Floral Perfume

         The other day I took a trip into Sephora, to see if I could find a new cream for my face, I try to find natural products. I do have very sensitive skin with redness and acne scaring around my mouth. So I was try to find a cream that help with redness. 

        This cream here is a miracle, I original tried it as a sample because it does cost $55, and even a week of use made a huge difference. My redness has really improved. The cream didn’t make my face too oily and smells amazing! you only need half a pump to cover your entire face, its very light. 

      The perfume has a beautiful scent, its not too intense with floral, it very light with a hint of lemon to it. Perfect for the summer days.

       I would definitely recommend this product!!!


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