Beauty Haul


I went to Sephora recently and grabbed a couple must needed items for this winter!

Here’s a quick rundown of the products that I got!

  1. Huda Beauty Matte Lip in Trendsetter. I have been following Huda Beauty for 2 years and been dying to try their lip stick and finally I have the chance! I wanted to get Bombshell but they were sold out but I fell in love with the Trendsetter colour is not too dark and has a nice natural look. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave your lips chapped plus it stays on for a LONG time! And it smells great kinda like vanilla. It was $25 at Sephora, I’m for sure going to be getting more colours of this!
  2. Sephora Pro Holographic Highlighter Cream: I  got this without realizing it was a cream, it has more of a gel consistency to it. I’m very pale so I find it hard for it to really show up I have to put on a lot of layers and then it just  looks messy. But I’m no pro make up artist! Its $55 and it comes in two shade pallets at Sephora.
  3. Kat Von D Matte Lip in Nobel: This was very similar to the Huda Beauty, went on smooth and didn’t chap my lips. The colour has more pink tones in it but keeps a natural look. It was $25 at Sephora.
  4. St. Troupez Self Tanner: So I am very pale so in winter I like to have a bit of a colour this is an okay self tanner. The smell is strong and you do get sticky but thats like most self tanners. I found it didn’t really do much but I did only get the light/natural one so next i’m gonna have to try the dark. I got it for $30 at Shoppers Drug Mart.
  5. Juliet has a gun: So I have been looking for a new perfume and I got to try this out for free cause of my beauty points (yay!). It has a really nice light smell, its floral with undertones of vanilla.
  6. Elf Make Up Kits: I was lucky and got all these kits for Christmas! So I spent the day trying them out.I love the eyebrow kit is absolutely amazing! you get a stencil in it fabulous. You get a pencil and three cream colours, they all go on so nice and stay great! I am not a fan of the lip lit just cause the colours don’t suit me personally. But the eyeshadow pallet is just great!! I would for sure recommend getting that!

I did purchase another high lighter I haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture. Put it is so gorgeous the packaging and container alone are amazing! I will post a look with it!!



Stay Tuned!


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