Day 14

A pet peeve of mine when I go to interviews is being on time. If a time is agreed lets say 2:30pm. Just as I am expected to be on time to the interview I expect who is interviewing to be as well.

However, I do understand that things come up in businesses and sometimes those issues take priority over the interview thats totally fine. But this past situation I was in…was just an all over no and super unprofessional.

I arrived 10 minutes to my interview, and wasn’t acknowledged for about 10 minutes because the employee behind the desk was in the back not looking up. Now that is totally okay I can deal with that. They call their manager and I’m told to go sit in the furthest corner of this car dealership behind cars where you can’t even tell if someone is even sitting there. (It was a job for reception at a car dealership)

My sister dropped me off and was waiting in the parking lot. So I texted her letting her know waiting to be seen. It now 245.. no one has has told me anything or said it will just be a bit the manager is on the way. Its 3:00 now.. I was just about to get up and leave, then out of nowhere the manager comes and apologizes for the wait, leads me to their office.

We get settle and just after introductions the phone rings and she answers it. It was not a business call it a personal call and the women took the personal call in the middle of the interview and spoke for a good 10 minutes…. To me you could have simply explained you were in a meeting I’ll call you back. This was my last straw. I knew straight away this was not going to be a good fit at all.


Lesson of this interview…. If they can’t even make time for an interview or act professional towards you. You deserve a better working environment.



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