Sephora Haul February 

I grabbed only a few things from sephora this month. I’ve been trying to find a clear sparkle gloss but when I went in they were all out of the sephora collections starlight so went with a light pink sparkle instead. It’s nice but I have to mix it around and blend the pink out otherwise it looks like I ate a piece of pink chalk. It doesn’t dry out my lips and stays on for most of the day. So I would say the sephora collection bubble gum gloss is a great investment at $16. 

I then bought there new lip powder metallic gold. Not gonna lie not a fan. It does not stay on as well and it is barely noticeable. It was $15 not a crazy price but I would not be purchasing it again. 

I use my point to get the argan oil I haven’t had a chance to try it. I’m nervous cause my skin breaks out so easily. But I’m gonna give it a go next week and update. 


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