Nothing better than being a tourist in your own city. 


Quick Story Time

I was at the train station waiting to catch the subway. I was starting to get a wave of sadness because I have been dealing with a break up.

 I could feel the tears in my eyes begging to just fall down my face. So I went to the bathroom to pull myself together and not be the girl crying in public. 

So I walk into a stall and I was like “nope this one is gross”. I just back away from that mess. I walked across to the stall in front of it. I had a weird pull to it.which sounds weird and crazy I know. Who gets drawn to a bathroom stall?!…Apparently me!

 So I open the door to the stall and there sitting on the top of the paper dispenser was an envelope that read “For You” in green marker. 

Initially I was like I wonder if it’s meant for someone and they forget it. Then I was like I kinda hope it’s money. So being curious I opened it. What was inside brought me tears. 

On a cue card someone wrote. “You are valued” in the same green marker. I was overcome with emotion because before as I said I was upset and about to cry over this break up situation, I was feeling really down about myself. And honestly starting to shift into a very negative mindset. This cue card message saved me. Such a small little gesture from a stranger saved me. And I wish I could tell them thank you because that switched my entire frame of mind. 

For anyone going through anything or just feeling down. Remember you are valued and loved. Something amazing is in the works don’t ever give up ❤️