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So recently I have been getting back into going to the gym regularly. However being totally new to the whole gym routine I wasn’t quite sure where to begin or what machines to use. So I decided to turn to social media for some inspiration and get some good workout ideas.

So I have found a couple workout guides by Instagram Fitness Gurus, and tested them all out.

Kayla Itsines. Her Bikini Body Fitness Guide

The first one I tried was Kayla Itsines. Her Bikini Body Fitness Guide is.. well intense. Its full of a variety of moves and most of them all can be done at home I made it to week 4 of the guide but for me personally I have really bad knees and there was a lot of jumping and I just couldn’t handle it. 

I loved the guide visually it had great explanations of all the moves and the break down of the program was very descriptive. I loved the introduction to the program. Its a downloadable PDF that you pay for, she also has a book you can buy at chapters and an app! I would defiantly recommend it for someone who is more comfortable working out at home!


Miss Emma Troupe Fitness Guide

So I have been following Emma now for a few years and seen her progression. Honestly it was pretty amazing! Just few weeks back she released her very own fitness guide which I was over the moon about since I loved watching her videos on Instagram.

Her guide is gym based and is intense she has a few varieties of guides for specific needs; glutes, full body and HITT. I personally tired the one week free trial because the guide does cost $80.

So this guide is great as well, it breaks down the nutrition (She is a certified nutritionist), as well as the exercises themselves. There are explanations of how many reps and what exercise. However there are no explanation on what the exercises themselves look like. So for a new person starting at the gym not knowing what machines or any exercises, it’s difficult. I found myself looking up what the exercises were and how to properly do them. (A bit of a pain)

I enjoyed the workouts better than the Bikini Fitness Program because they pertained more to weight lifting and it had great information on proper dieting for gaining muscles. So I would recommend trying the free week first.


Once again I found this because of instagram. So I was watching Cristina Capron workout videos on Instagram for a bit, and then soon realized she had her own app!

So this app is my favourite. Its’s free however she has a weekly workout plan that you can purchase. I started using the free workouts. It breaks it down into muscles groups. So the app has videos the explain how to do the workouts individual. But my all time favourite part is the whole workout plans. So say you want to work on legs, she has an entire workout planned. You click the video and at the bottom you click start workout. It leads you to the next screen which is on the top of the phone the workout video explanation and the bottom a timer. A voice tells you what exercise to do and for how long. It warns when you close to 10 seconds and then after each exercise tell you to rest and counts the rest time. You can then log your workout and keep track.

For me personally this app is my all time fav, it has the visuals the explanations, the social aspect to it, you can join and be part of the network. It’s absolute fabulous and would recommend this for everyone!!!

So download CCFIT app get it at the app store!!!!

Stay tunes for more gym tips and reviews!!!!


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