Who are you? TED TALK


  • Recently I have been trying to learn more about myself, and about my spiritual being. 
  • I feel like after a break up or any type of shift in someone’s life. They tend to go threw this. 
  • Most of my life I have made decisions to suit others. Go to college for my parents. Get a 9-5 job cause that’s what society says. 
  • But the real question is what do I want?
  • So bow I’m focusing all my energy on discovering what makes me happy. 
  • I’ve started learning about the law of attraction. 
  • I registered for personal training courses 
  • I started writing again something I love to do
  • All this little things are stepping stones to re discovering self. 

I came across this video: https://youtu.be/veEQQ-N9xWU

  • It speaks about. Who you are. And discovering that. Your true self what does that mean. 
  • I found very inspiring and thought provoking 

Check it out!