Who are you? TED TALK


  • Recently I have been trying to learn more about myself, and about my spiritual being. 
  • I feel like after a break up or any type of shift in someone’s life. They tend to go threw this. 
  • Most of my life I have made decisions to suit others. Go to college for my parents. Get a 9-5 job cause that’s what society says. 
  • But the real question is what do I want?
  • So bow I’m focusing all my energy on discovering what makes me happy. 
  • I’ve started learning about the law of attraction. 
  • I registered for personal training courses 
  • I started writing again something I love to do
  • All this little things are stepping stones to re discovering self. 

I came across this video: https://youtu.be/veEQQ-N9xWU

  • It speaks about. Who you are. And discovering that. Your true self what does that mean. 
  • I found very inspiring and thought provoking 

Check it out! 


I was always taught to never lie as a child. But as I grew up it became more apparent that there were exceptions. 

I was told to only tell my grandma the good and if something bad happened. Lie. 

I watched people tell lies to loved ones to protect each other. 

When I was honest I was always told I was B**** or rude. 

I became conditioned to hide certain traits people wouldn’t like or would tarnish an image. 

I say I want to live an authentic life. But can I when there’s always pieces I’m hiding. 

Why hid feelings and lie to try to make things better? Who am I protecting myself from hurt or them. 

If someone can’t handle the truth then that shows their character. Do you really like that?

I have been someone’s dirty secret. I have been the lie. I promised to never do that to anyone. 

Instead I held things in. Little things nothing major. But little things add up. 

And those little things become one big thing. Now you are lost. 

You learn lessons through hurt. And this was one. I’d rather handle the negatives of a truth. Then the guilt of a lie. 

I’d rather put my pride to the side. And apologies then harbour negativity in my soul. 

I’d rather look back and learn lessons then look back and feel guilt, regret,pain. 

You were the biggest life lessons. And I am grateful, sadden, joyful, angry and blessed all at once for it. 

Lies. They are never worth losing anything or anyone over. 

Quick Story Time

I was at the train station waiting to catch the subway. I was starting to get a wave of sadness because I have been dealing with a break up.

 I could feel the tears in my eyes begging to just fall down my face. So I went to the bathroom to pull myself together and not be the girl crying in public. 

So I walk into a stall and I was like “nope this one is gross”. I just back away from that mess. I walked across to the stall in front of it. I had a weird pull to it.which sounds weird and crazy I know. Who gets drawn to a bathroom stall?!…Apparently me!

 So I open the door to the stall and there sitting on the top of the paper dispenser was an envelope that read “For You” in green marker. 

Initially I was like I wonder if it’s meant for someone and they forget it. Then I was like I kinda hope it’s money. So being curious I opened it. What was inside brought me tears. 

On a cue card someone wrote. “You are valued” in the same green marker. I was overcome with emotion because before as I said I was upset and about to cry over this break up situation, I was feeling really down about myself. And honestly starting to shift into a very negative mindset. This cue card message saved me. Such a small little gesture from a stranger saved me. And I wish I could tell them thank you because that switched my entire frame of mind. 

For anyone going through anything or just feeling down. Remember you are valued and loved. Something amazing is in the works don’t ever give up ❤️

Aquarium Visits

A great place to go in the GTA area is Ripley’s Aquarium. I took my boyfriend to the aquarium for his birthday and it is such a great time. My favourite space was the jellyfish section such majestic colours these creatures have. It was too busy so we got to take our time and not feel too crowded which is always a bonus for tourist spots like this. I would recommend going later in the evening. There are a lot of interactive areas in the aquarium too which is always fun! I would recommend this place for anyone looking for something to do!