Sunshine Doughnuts 

Vanilla sprinkle doughnut homemade from Sunshine Doughnuts in Burlington. Super moist and delicious. I also had a Vietnamese espresso which was so good and exactly what I needed this Wednesday morning.  Check out their Instagram for more if there crazy flavoured doughnuts. 

Burgers and Pizza

Had the chance to finally try Boston Pizza pizza burger. It was so good! It was basically like a hot pocket with a beef patty inside. The patty itself was good,juicy and you could tell it was handmade.  I would definitely recommend for someone who’s torn between getting pizza or a burger!! Such a great…

Sliders burgers

Okay so this place Sliders…IS THE BEST BURGER PLACE OF LIFE! Go to 704 The Queensway in Toronto!! So I have been vegetarian for over 10 years and recently I started eating meat again, I was lacking a lot of iron. So anyways this burger though! It was perfect, the patty was juicy and perfectly…

Chocolat on James Sweets Galore

Spent the weekend wondering around Hamilton. Stumbled upon this great chocolate store! I’m huge sweets person so this place was pure heaven they had all the chocolate you could imagine!! plus fudge! But it was this ice cream that i was in awe of! its sift serve ice cream either vanilla, chocolate or swirl. Then…

Vegetarian at Boston Pizza

Veggie Burger It’s hard to find a place to eat when i’m out being vegetarian. But I have recently tried the Boston Pizza veggie burger and it was mind blowing. I would definitely recommend it!!