Day 14

A pet peeve of mine when I go to interviews is being on time. If a time is agreed lets say 2:30pm. Just as I am expected to be on time to the interview I expect who is interviewing to be as well.

However, I do understand that things come up in businesses and sometimes those issues take priority over the interview thats totally fine. But this past situation I was in…was just an all over no and super unprofessional.

I arrived 10 minutes to my interview, and wasn’t acknowledged for about 10 minutes because the employee behind the desk was in the back not looking up. Now that is totally okay I can deal with that. They call their manager and I’m told to go sit in the furthest corner of this car dealership behind cars where you can’t even tell if someone is even sitting there. (It was a job for reception at a car dealership)

My sister dropped me off and was waiting in the parking lot. So I texted her letting her know waiting to be seen. It now 245.. no one has has told me anything or said it will just be a bit the manager is on the way. Its 3:00 now.. I was just about to get up and leave, then out of nowhere the manager comes and apologizes for the wait, leads me to their office.

We get settle and just after introductions the phone rings and she answers it. It was not a business call it a personal call and the women took the personal call in the middle of the interview and spoke for a good 10 minutes…. To me you could have simply explained you were in a meeting I’ll call you back. This was my last straw. I knew straight away this was not going to be a good fit at all.


Lesson of this interview…. If they can’t even make time for an interview or act professional towards you. You deserve a better working environment.



Day 12

It’s been 12 days now of my job hunt struggle and let me tell you this..its the most stressed out situation I have had to deal with. I have been to over 20 interviews in the last two weeks and each interview they tell me my credentials are great, my qualifications match what they are looking for. I am pleasant and seem like a great fit.

All these things seem positive and they all speak to me as if I’m one of the top candidates, and many have verbally said this. However because I lack the expereince I am never offered a position. To me this hard to deal with because I get confused on how I am suppose to find expereince when those you get expereince from are telling me they won’t hire because I lack it.

One situation in particular I went through, I wen through the interview process with this company. Phone interview went great offered me an in person, got a call the next day asking me to come in for the second,so i did. Now at the second interview I had to bring in my references. (totally understandable). Did the interview handed my references in, they told me I was among the top and I shined in the interview all the employees liked me and thought I was great. (All positives). I called my baba and her to say a little prayer cause I really wanted this job.

So like I was taught, I waited 2 days and I sent an email just thanking them for meeting me again and allowing me the chance for the opportunity. I sent that email at 2ish by 4:30 that same day I got a call back saying I got the job!!!

I was over the moon, my first “career” job. I called my family, I told my boyfriend, I started looking into moving, I started looking to by more professional clothing. I declined job interviews cause I was HIRED!!!!!!!!! (In the phone where I was given the job I was told by Friday I would have my contract and I start beginning of the nest month.)

I received an email, saying they were unable to reach my references and they needed another day. (First this is totally fine by me however, I feel you should check references before you offer a job)

Now it been 2 days since that last email, and this time I get a voicemail saying to call them back. (Okay..In my head I’m thinking they must have finally gotten a hold of my references and are letting me know..But I had this weird feeling in my gut something was up).

So by now i had declined 5 interviews, and I was super nervous to call back. I get the nerve up to call and it was the worse news ever. I was told I was no longer being hired because one of the number son my references were missing.

Now heres the thing I fully understand that, yes attention to detail is important I would have checked fair.

My issue is this, don’t hire someone without doing a reference check first. And it’s not like my references were bad..I just missed a number wish could be fixed. They also told me I didn’t have the last name of a reference, which to me was a weird excuse because I worked in a nail salon where I was never given last names ever. They also told me my number was wrong on my resume…..Didn’t you just call me………

So yes, I can agree there was error on my end. But never say you’ll hire someone and tell them all the details of the job and start dat etc.. if you haven’t fully completed the hiring process!!

So now I hang up and tell my sister who says why didn’t you stand up for yourself. There was noway I was gonna beg to work for someone who was able to turn around and go back on their word like that.

They company also told me that they would give me a call back after the weekend because they needed time to think about what they are going to do about hiring me/not hiring me and if they will hire me for sure or find another candidate.

So all weekend I’m stressed out, Monday comes and I get the phone call.. basically calling to tell me once again no we aren’t gonna hire you anymore and they found someone else..also lets meet for coffee to go over how I can improve in my interview…(Did she now just say I was the best interview and I had great interview skills). The gesture is absolute lovely but I don’t want to spend $20 on a train to meet with a company who hired then unheard me to tell me I’m not good at interviews when you told me I was….

Again I get there was error on my part my grammatical mistakes, but the way the situation was handle over all was where I lost respect, and found it extremely unprofessional. I think they could have just replied to by original email saying thank you, you still are a strong candidate and we are still completing our hiring process but stay tuned we will let you know asap. Anything instead of replying with a “Your Hired”.

And so now I am back to the Job hunt, being more cautious then ever. Entering each situation with a greater perspective and professionalism.