Exercise Bands

Bought this box of bands from Sweet Sweat. They are get to use for added resistance when doing legs. I love doing squats on the smith machine while using the heavy band you can really feel your muscles working. 

On days when I don’t go to the gym the resistance bands are great to workout arms and back. 
Stay tuned for workout routine!!

Fitness Routine-ARMS

  • Start of with 10 minutes of cardio 
  • 8 minutes of stretching
  • Squat machine both legs 15 reps X 3;  then alternating legs 15 reps X 3
  • Dumbbell curl each arm 15 reps X 3
  • Bench tricep dips 12 reps X 4
  • Cable rope curl 12 reps X 3
  • Barbell benchpress 12 reps X 3
  • Barbell curl 15 reps X 3
  • Arnold Press 12 reps X 3
  • (When my arms start to get too sore, I take a break and do elevated squats 10 reps each leg X 3 with weights)
  • Make sure to use the appropriate weights for use, sometimes use a lighter weight but tense the focused muscle group


I then do I few exercise focused on abs;

  • Plank 30 seconds X 3
  • Crunches 24 reps X3
  • Ab machine 15 reps X 3
  • Bridges 15 reps X 3

Then a cool down stretch for about 5-8 minutes 



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