Berry Yogurt Bowl

INGREDIENTS  Vanilla yogurt  Dried passion fruit powder  Frozen berries  Add some granola (I use protein filled granola for that extra boost) DIRECTIONS  Mix the vanilla yogurt with the fried passion fruit powder Drop three blobs of the plain valiba in the centre and take a knife and run it from top to bottom creating a…


2 tbps pomegranate seeds 1 cup of frozen raspberries  1 cup frozen strawberries  Splash of mango orange juice  Tsp of dried dragon fruit 


INGREDIENTS  2 eggs 2 green onions  2tbs of guacamole  Salsa  1 chooped pepper  1 Cup of spinach  2 mushroooms  Chopped cilantro  DIRECTIONS  Add olive oil to the saucer  Add spinach and the onions Once golden add the pepper and mushrooms  Add the two eggs once vegetables are too your liking  Mix all togther  On a…


INGREDIENTS  2 scoops of protein powder  1/2 cup of oat flour 1/2 tsp baking powder  2 eggs  Pinch of cinnamon  Dash of vanilla  DIRECTIONS Mix all dry ingredients together  Add eggs and vanilla  Pantry  Top with “don’t go nuts” chocolate spread  Add your favourite fruits to top it off 

Pink Pitaya Pancake

2 scoops protein powder 1 smashed banana 3tbs pink pitaya (dragon fruit) Splash of vanilla pea protein drink Top it off with fresh berries and some chocolate chips!!…yummy

Cinnamon Roll Protein Cake 

Scoop of vanilla protein One teaspoon of cinnamon  One tablespoon of flour  One teaspoon of baking powder One egg 1/2 of vanilla non dairy milk A pinch of sweetener  Mix and microwave for 2 minutes  A scoop of vanilla ice cream and blueberries 

Banana and Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl

In a blender add the following 1 scoop of vegan chocolate protein or any protein of your choice  1 banana  A splash of soy milk or any choice of milk you prefer  1/3 cup of ice  1 teaspoon of cocoa powder  Blend all together!! Then add you toppings! I added blueberries, pineapple, hemp hearts and…

Toast with avocado mash

1 slice of gluten free bread 1 egg (fried how you like it) 1/2 avocado  1/2 cup of fried veggies  Cliantro  Sprinkle of hemp heart  Pinch of pepper